Call of Champions Customer Reviews:


Awesome game

Awesome game

New character needs to be nurfed 😂 still fun tho

Nyc game..superb animations



Please continue making updates!PLEASE!

I make a community Facebook Group To show that there still many player who wants to play this game and wants many heroes and more updates please SPACETIME MAKE MORE UpDATES PLEASE!

Solo timer

I hope you put timer on solo ranked because so many pro they dont want to play if thwir team is newbie

Best MOBA on playstore

It's really amazing and interesting game,and I'm hooked to it.i would recommend everyone to try this game.i want that it should make champions cost less as it's hard to get new ones

Good game got some things that could use fixing like when you get cc'd (stunned taunted etc.) If you use an ability right before you get cc'd the ability is put on cool down even though the ability does not go off. Other then that is a good game very addictive and great graphics

Nice game

I like the graphic and this game like dota....


Absolutely the worst mobile "MOBA" available right now and here's why 1)No Item building (this means there are no strategic hero item builds), 2) heroes do lvl up....but not while playing which means all possible abilities are available on the get go(again this means there are no real strategic plannings required), 3)short AF matches (this means people ARE forced to only focuse 1 lane, why put 2 lanes and no jungle?....) MOBAs require stratigic planning and team work,I wouldn't call this abomination a MOBA.

Kicks me

Good I guess, But it always kicks me when I'm doing a match and take a while to load and sometimes it kicks me in the home page the page where I choose my mode I'm gonna play. And when I play matches with my friend I get kicked and they range quit. I will rate 5 if u fix does!!!!!!!!! Bye have a good day and I hope u respond.

New Update!

Love It Guys And Some We Decided To Award This Game As An Best MOBA Games Of All Time😘👏👏


Play easy good


It's Good but why are the champions are so expensive?


Fix bugs for Marshmallow users! 1.Solo ranked or solo team ranked is not accessible for me ,( I have tier 10 champs) 2.I don't get free champions after 7 days.


I hate hate hate hate hate haet aheta hshdjdjsjsjsnsbsb ever

A waste

It was halfway decent at first seemed balanced then I started to play more and noticed serephina scorch and most of the ice heros were off balance serephina able to 4 shot any squishy hero scorch able to 1 shot any squishy hero and ice heros being able to freeze people in vision range even without having their abilities in range with no lag on either end then the update came out and it became go much for my tablet to download all at once saying it didn't have enough space (have 56 gigs open) but from what I've played on my friends phone over the update they released a hero to leech cash from its players and made it super overpowered so no other hero could compete then when they thought they got all the cash they could nerfed the hero and haven't done much else with the game I thought when the developers finally updated after a long period of abandonment it was them finally getting back into the game and listening to the longtime fans but no such luck anyways if your into a pay to win game get this and hope with every long delayed update you get one pay to won hero to leech your cash for about a weeks worth of victory

Please make middle graphic for other phone I'll. Make it 5s when fix

Takes to long to load

I set my timer for an hour it wouldn't load reply you fixed it and I will rate 5 and ply it

Really Great👍👍👍

Gobi ruined your game.

Good job. Just use plat to buy the OP champion and then they will nerf Gobi and make Gobi Gold-buyable. The nerf on Zaar is too much. Zaar is supposed to be the freezer in this game. You also fucked up hard on Violet. Violet used to be killed quickly by all Assasin class but now Violet don't even stand a chance anymore. Ash is good but the pulling range need to be at least the range of a mage's autoshot. This way Ash can be what he's supposed to be, a support.


Need more update thank you


lol annoying.. contecting server.. too loong already waiting for 2hour but still cant play... :/


Hah very nice has game I like 😆 this😄d(>_< )Good!! 💗💗 💗💗 💗🍬🍬💗🍬🍬💗 💗🍬🍬🏠🍬🍬💗 💗 sweet home 💗 💗🍬🍬🍬💗 💗🍬💗 💗 Made with


I love this game ever forever


Havent played it yet but the pictures have color in it. So send me some free stuff lol. Thx

Fun But Unbalanced

New champion is way op and can only be bought with real money. Complete cash grab scheme. Four stars for concept, minus one for bugs and faulty matchmaking, minus two for greedy business tactics.

5 stars if you give me what I earned..

I have done 3000 some worth of the free platinum and Ive earned 0 from it. 5 stars once I get my platinum otherwise I'll Uninstall it. I was willing to spend good money on this game because I do enjoy it alot but if you guys won't give me my free platinum then how do I know you'll give it to me when I pay?


After waiting for an hour also it dint get connected with the server waste of time....

Tomorrow i,m unstoling it

Bjorn sucks


Please help me

I played this game last month and its pretty good, now i came back to download it again, when it reaches 100% the download restarts can you fix this?





Nice but..

Can you add another option about the controller ? Something like joystick or dual controller's kinda hard to tap around and aiming things...just a suggestion here .3.

Graphics Error

Not Supported In Redmi Note 3 snapdragon 650 model


the game is so nice the gameplay is smooth and cool but it would be better if you add a new champions and new updates and ill give you back 5 stars

Crappiest yet. Uninstalled.

Finished the tutorial, learned I despise the interface, Spacetime is greedier than ever and their motto should be "Pay us, we'll call you a winner while laughing behind our sleeves".


So nice!!